Hypermotive design bespoke power distribution systems for a variety of on-board and off-board vehicle systems, from bikes through to busses. We can provide a safe integration solution including hardware, software, housings, connectors and cables. Our systems are typically designed to include isolation monitoring / ground fault detection, CAN-bus control and compliance with UN ECE Regulation 100. Auxiliary bus supplies can be included in the design as required.  Call us today for a competitive quote.


Powertrain electrification requires a deep understanding of power and energy flows within the system. An understanding and the optimisation of the system can only be achieved through modelling and simulation of powertrain architectures applied to a vehicle of a known mass and frontal area, driving a known drivecycle. Hypermotive has experience in modelling complex powertrain architectures including fuel cell systems, ICE and battery systems.  The validated model allows mature controls to be developed ready for system realisation while strong commercial justification can be made for new technologies before hardware build costs and time are committed.


Hypermotive develop and integrate fuel cell, battery and super-capacitor energy storage systems for automotive and stationary power applications.


Electric powertrain applications commonly require the conversion of electrical energy from one voltage to another, particularly fuel cell and super capacitor applications.   Hypermotive have experience in designing DCDC converter solutions to help you realise your powertrain system function and performance.

Hypermotive take on a wide variety of engineering challenges relating to motive technologies in motorsport, automotive and commercial vehicles.  We have built large test rigs for power electronics, designed high voltage controllers, manufactured on-vehicle wiring systems and developed bespoke software for track-side motorsport.  Let us see if we can help your project too; please get in touch for a chat.

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