Battery Balancer Units (BBU)

Hypermotive’s PDU15is a highly versatile product for safely connecting high voltage (HV) energy sources including heaters, supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells to application loads.



Hypermotive’s Battery Balancing Unit (BBU) is designed to automatically balance 2 or more battery modules to the same potential usign active balancing technology.

With intelligent embedded control, the unit provides a wide range of features including current and voltage measurement, health monitoring and active and passive balancing

Hypermotive’s experienced engineering team can adapt this product’s hardware and/or software to your specific vehicle and application requirements – Please contact us to discuss feature configuration and packaging options

Key Features

  • Active balancing of multiple battery modules
  • Upto 1000V 1000A
  • Full automated opertation
  • External world connection for datalogging/reporting
  • Ease of use


Typical Applications

  • Battery systems development
  • End-of-line testing