Battery Test Enclosure (BTE1000)

Hypermotive’s PDU15is a highly versatile product for safely connecting high voltage (HV) energy sources including heaters, supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells to application loads.



Hypermotive’s BTE1000 is an enclosure specifically designed to support high-performance and abuse testing of battery systems.

The enclosure provides airtight sealed containment of the battery under test, with internal umbilical connections connecting control signals, power and sensors back to the interface panel. Further protection is provided by internal fire suppressant materials, pressure relief valves and visual health indicators. The system includes fork-lift slots for safe, rapid movement.

Key Features

  • 1000dm3
  • Gas-tight sealing
  • Fire-suppressant material
  • Internal HV harnessing
  • Interface panel
  • Visual warning and dial gauges
  • Pressure relief
  • Fork-lift slots

Typical Applications

  • Battery performance testing
  • Overcharging testing
  • Battery thermal limit testing


Example Datasheet Example Datasheet 2
Example Drawing