Power Distribution Unit – PDU15

Hypermotive’s PDU15is a highly versatile product for safely connecting high voltage (HV) energy sources including heaters, supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells to application loads.



Hypermotive’s PDU15 connects high voltage (HV) energy sources including supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells to light application loads which require frequent switching while under-load.

With intelligent embedded control, the unit provides a wide range of features including over-heat prevention, fault detection, supply contactor scheduling and intelligent power delivery.  Housed in a sealed metal enclosure to IP67, the unit is suitable for use in harsh environments including under vehicle.

Hypermotive’s experienced engineering team can adapt this product’s hardware and/or software to your specific vehicle and application requirements – Please contact us to discuss feature configuration and packaging options

Key Features


  • CAN control interface
  • 2x HV solid state switch circuits(15A, 700V)
  • HV switch fault detection
  • Over-heat self protection
  • Automatic power delivery duty cycle calculating for voltage compensation
  • IP67 enclosure
  • 1x switch to ground input to CAN
  • 1x 24V output driven from CAN
  • 1x 24V external supply contactor driver
  • Conductively cooled – no air or water cooling required


Typical Applications

  • Electric Vehicle Heating
  • Hydrogen fuel cell
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Truck / bus
  • Passenger vehicle

PDU15 Datasheet