Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS100-18 is an 18 channel BMS measurement and control device.



BMS100-18 is an 18 channel BMS measurement and control device.  Designed for embedding within a battery module housing, the device has cell voltage inputs and individual temperature measurements for up to 18 cells.  In addition, cell loading circuits on the underside of the board provide balancing capability for cells up to 100Ah in size.

An optional 12V powered plug-in mezzanine module provides a fully configurable CAN interface, balancing algorithm and the option to set cell voltage limits and temperatures to activate CAN warnings and a local interlock relay on parameter excursions.  The mezzanine module may be fitted to all, or just one of a series of BMS100-18 boards connected via isoSPI to provide a modular system.

The onboard interlock relay can switch loads of up to 60V/500mA. On exceeding a fault threshold, the interlock relay will open until the module is power-cycled.


  • 18 voltage and temperature monitor inputs
  • 18 cell balancing circuits
  • Self powering, low off-mode current draw
  • Diagnostics and built-in self test capability
  • Direct isoSPI or optional CAN plug in module